Samantha Howe

Official Title: Puppy Project Director / Lead Trainer
Brief info

Sam keeps her family happy and healthy, and will help the furry members of yours as well!

Unofficial Title: The Denmother

Sam is the best trainer at Charlo (according to the other trainers) and has a measure of patience which rivals that of the tibetan monks. This is why she is the perfect one to head up the puppy project program. Simply put, her patience and love for puppies will outlast and encourage even the most uncooperative pups. This is why we call her: The Denmother

Sam grew up with dogs and always wanted to be an animal trainer, but it was only once she got her own dog as an adult that her dream became a reality. Her natural compassion, love for animals, and need to train her own dog was the perfect recipe for becoming the trainer she wanted to be, but never thought she could. After working for the top training company in Charlotte for 2.5 years, her and her husband Chris moved across the country to be around family, put down roots, and found Charlo Training.