Alicia Bench

Official Title: Trainer
Brief info

Loves Aussies. Bringing quiet pups out of their shell brings Alicia to life! Building confidence is what it’s all about. Just ask her when she comes over for that demo session!

Alicia has always had a strong love for animals. In fact, her favorite book was the Encyclopedia of Animals growing up! With a background in social media and general marketing, after collaborating with numerous dog-related companies, she found a true passion working with dogs, and pursued dog training head on. Alicia first developed a love for training when she got her Australian Shepherd, Oliver, at 8-weeks old. Her passion is helping owners with working breeds learn how to channel their high-drive and energy; all while giving them a job to do and keep them mentally stimulated! When not training dogs, Alicia is likely traveling, or hiking and camping with her husband and dog!