Service Animals & Therapy

Info on the difference between the three classifications of assistance animals:

Therapy / ESA / Service

We are glad to offer both Therapy Dog Training Certification, as well as Service Dog Training.  While both of these titles offer incredible opportunity for both the dog and handler, it’s important to know the difference between the three different classifications of assistance animals. 

  • Therapy Dogs are dogs who have been through certification training and are able to visit hospitals, schools, retirement homes, etc. to provide relief and comfort to other people.
  • Emotional Support Animals are dogs who provide comfort by their presence to their handler.  A letter from a licensed psychologist or psychiatrist is required for the access of these animals.  ESA’s are NOT granted public access, rather are able to go on airplanes and waived pet fees in apartments. No specific training is required.
  • Service Dogs are animals who perform a task/tasks for their handler that improve quality of life. Tasks can include( but not limited to) medical alert, Deep Pressure Therapy, Blocking, and picking up things.  Service Dogs are legally granted public access to anywhere the handler goes. No specific paperwork is required for access. We currently offer light-medium mobility service dog work (deep pressure therapy, block, picking up things, etc.) NOT heavy duty medical alert dog work.