One-on-One Training

All of our Training Programs are comprehensive and for the lifetime of the dog. As long as you own your dog you can train with us! We believe training is never finished and every dog/handler has the potential to be extraordinary. Don’t ever settle for good enough, when extraordinary is within your reach.

Our comprehensive training programs are designed to take your dog from where they are to how you’ve always envisioned life with your dog. Whether that’s therapy work, getting them off leash trained, calm house manners, we want you to have a more balanced dog and the sky is the limit to what is possible. Our one on one sessions are designed to give you all the tools and show you how to effectively communicate with your pup!  

Lessons are scheduled about once a week for one hour in your home. This program takes most dog/handlers about 4-6 private sessions before we can clear you for group classes. However, every dog/handler is different and some may require additional sessions. There is no additional charge for added lessons, as long as the handler is doing the homework each and every week. 

Below is a rough outline of what will be introduced each week, every dog and handler are different and progress at different levels. Dog Training is not a one size fits all and will be tailored to each dog and situation. 

  1. Lesson 1: Treat Delivery, Motion, Recall, Introduce luring into positions, marker words, beginning leash work. 
  2. Lesson 2: Introduction of more advanced training tools, continue with more advanced Recall, Introduce Place command, Introduce 3 D’s of Dog Training (Distance, Duration, Distractions). 
  3. Lesson 3: Follow up on utilization of training tools, Introduce moving heel, door manners, off,expand on 3d’s. 
  4. Lesson 4: Work mainly on the walk and touch up on any areas the dog/handler is struggling and adding more distractions. 
  5. Lesson 5: Out and about lesson with your dog at a place of your choice, or one recommended by the trainer. 

This program also comes with  lesson curriculum that contains videos to view as well as written notes for each component of the lessons. 

The cost of our One-on-one Training program is: $1,500