This means that your dog has completed a series of one on one dog training lessons, launch board and train program, or puppy training project. We do not offer group training before completing one of the programs to ensure all the dogs have a good foundation before throwing them into a high distraction environment. Group classes are designed to take your dogs training to the next level, with guaranteed dog distractions. Classes are held in a variety of dog friendly locations such as Bridgeport Village, Stella Olson Park, Washington Square Mall, Mary S Young Park and more. We also offer therapy dog prep classes for preparation of taking the certification test. Group training is a great way to keep up with your pups training and all classes are included in your lifetime membership. You can attend as many classes as you’d like for as long as you own your dog!

Group class attendance is linked through Facebook below.  Once you find the class you want to attend, please select “buy ticket” which will link you through Eventbrite, to reserve your spot for class. This is so we have an idea of who will be there; so for those classes that move (like hiking), we won’t start without you! Tickets are for your dog, not for you. (ie. if you have one dog, please only select one ticket).