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There is no one right tool for every job, similarly, there is no one “right way” to train. Every animal is different, every situation is different. A treat may not motivate a pup who just had “second breakfast” and a game of tug may not be as interesting as the pug who just walked in. This is why we use every training method/tool we can get our hands on. Proactive positive incentive methods are usually the most effective, and always where we start.






Dogs learn very differently than we do. In-fact they interpret signals in the opposite order than we do! It’s only through understanding the ways and reasons why dogs communicate the way that do that will allow us as handlers to communicate with them in any situation with the most effective tool for the circumstance.




Comprehensive Training

Any problem behavior from a dog has multiple root causes. So single issue training may correct the behavior in the short term, but really it is only doing half the job. This is why every membership program we offer is comprehensive, unlimited, and trains for the lifetime of the dog.

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Meet Our Team

Chris Howe

Chris Howe

Owner, Business Manager / Trainer

Loves working with older dogs, especially if they are about to be given up because of their behaviors.

Samantha Howe

Samantha Howe

Owner / Lead Trainer

Loves puppies. All puppies. She is passionate about setting up puppies for success as adults.

Jacqueline Del Bene

Jacqueline Del Bene

Trainer / Handler

Is the newest member and German Shepherd enthusiast. If you are signing up with a German Shepherd, you will probably see her.